Who doesn't like tits? And when it's a bunch of sexy bare breasted beach lolita's going topless in their little bikinis we say grab the camera and roll film! Sweet melons ripening in the sun and ready to be fondled and squeezed, hehe...Enjoy the nice tits on display in our topless bikini babes photo gallery!!
"When I'm in my bikini I can't wait to take off my top and go topless. I'm a bit of a show off and knowing all the guys (and some girls, hehe;) are checking me out is a total thrill. I actually get wet knowing so many people are admiring my bare breasts"...
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"I got great tits and LOVE to show them off in my bikini. I've got such large nipples it's actually hard to find a small top that will cover them all the way - unless I want some old granny type bikini top. Forget it! I'd much rather go topless!"...
"Being from a conservative Asian family, I was never allowed to go topless at the beach as a young girl. My father said only whores show their breasts to men other than their husbands! Can you believe that? The thing I love about this country is that I can go topless when ever I want and no one says a thing...except that they LIKE my breasts!"...
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"I heard a man once say to his wife as I walked by that there goes another little topless beach lolita! I had to laugh! I've got 38DD sized breasts and there's nothing LITTLE about them! I've worked as a dancer for years and my tits make me a good income, so I like to keep them tan. A topless bikini is the only kind I wear!"...
"No tan lines for me! I like my breasts to be evenly tanned so wearing a topless bikini is the only way I go out in the sun. Of course I have to watch my, er, exposure, LOL, I've got VERY sensitive nipples!"...

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